Here I am, sandy : The Saint in me, during those moments when I have put on the thinking cap, The little Angel when I have put on the Halo.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004
I walk down the street and the guy waiting for the bus-who has been waiting there for God knows how long-suddenly finds something more interesting to look at than a live human being. i do the same.
Do i avoid looking a stranger in the eyes because i don't want to make him uncomfortable, or do i turn my eyes so he can't look into me?
Is there a way of seeing that does not need eyes? Is there a way of touching that does not need hands? Is there a way of loving that is beyond words and time spent, beyond prescribed greeting and reciprocity? If there is, i am ready for it now.

Sunday, February 29, 2004
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.

-- Voltaire

If I knew what I was so anxious about, I wouldn't be so anxious.

-- Mignon McLaughlin

Saturday, January 10, 2004
The Path of Saintly Wisdom by Jackie Woods

Do you ever wonder how the Saints became so wise? Believe it or not, it
wasn't because they studied harder, did more, or blocked out their negative
emotions. Wisdom isn't about doing better. It isn't about acting more
saintly. It is simply about accepting that you have access to all "knowing,"
and using it.

I read once that Saint Germain said the reason he became a Saint so quickly
was because he made lots of right choices. We all have that freedom of
choice. Every minute you can choose to open the computer of your mind and
search for an answer among its stored files or open yourself to the higher
"knowing" of wisdom.

It is true that the higher wisdom registers through your mind, but it
doesn't originate there. In fact, it may take some time before enough of
your old mental clutter gets cleared away for wisdom to make itself known.
This means that you have to give up needing answers immediately. Actually,
wisdom is much more than just `answers'. It is the big picture of "knowing"
rather than just the facts pertaining to the immediate question.

Isn't it nice to know that you don't have to die to have saintly wisdom? In
fact you don't have to do anything other than reach beyond yourself to the
wisdom held by all the Saints. It is like having access to the World Bank.
The only combination to the vault that you need is openness and awareness.
Be open to all possibilities, not only in your waking hours but also in your
dream state. Be aware of symbols and information brought to you in unusual
ways, both in your thoughts and from the outside. And last but not least, be
able to sort through the mass of external information available and see if
any of it resonates with your heart.

The path of Saintly wisdom is one of not only accessing higher knowing but
of bringing it into everyday life. In every moment you must choose to go
beyond what you already know to the vastness of true wisdom. You must not
only accept its breadth and depth, but its simplicity. Wisdom builds one
piece at a time, so you will have the chance to incorporate it into your
life. The path of a Saint is about bringing heaven to earth.

Sunday, December 28, 2003
There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.

Thursday, August 14, 2003
From the original "Conversations with God"...

Jerry: How come you've got such a...I mean, just a everybody's?

God: Empathy; I'm talking to you in a way you can accept. I'm relating. I don't like to brag, but if I appeared to you just as God - how I really am - what I really am - your mind couldn't grasp it.


God: Even non-believers want what they've got down here to work.

Jerry: Well, have you read the papers lately? It ain't workin'!

God: That's why I came - to tell everybody I set the world up so it can work. Only it's up to you. You can't look to me to do it for you.


Jerry: People are always praying to you. Do you listen?

God: I can't help hearing. I don't always listen.

Jerry: Then you don't care!

God: Of course I care. I care plenty. But what can I do?

Jerry: What can you do? But, you're God!

God: Only for the big picture. I don't get into details.

Jerry: Then whatever happens to us...

God: Happens!

Jerry: You mean there's no plan, no scheme to guide our destinies?

God: A lot of it is luck.

Jerry: You don't control our lives?

God: I gave you a world and everything in it. It's all up to you.

Jerry: But we need help!

God: That's why I gave you each other.

Jerry: With your powers you could solve so many problems. Why don't you? Solve all our problems? Work a few miracles?

God: I don't do miracles. They're too flashy. And they upset the natural balance.

I'm not sure how this whole miracle business started, the idea that anything connected with me has to be a miracle. Personally, I'm sorry that it did - makes the distance between us even greater.


Jerry: If you're so involved with us, how can you permit all the suffering that goes on in the world?

God: How can I permit the suffering? I don't permit the suffering. You do - "free will". All the choices are your's.

Jerry: Choices? What choices?

God: You can love each other, cherish and nurture each other, or you can kill each other.


Jerry: Well, you know everything!

God: I only know what is. Also, I'm very big on what was. On what isn't yet, I haven't a clue.... Absolutely I can tell the future - the minute it becomes the past. I said everything could work out - if that's everybody's choice. People have to decide on their own what's to be done with the world. I can't make a personal decision for everybody.


Jerry: Which of the world's religions is the closet to the divine truth?

God: The divine truth is not in a building or a book or a story.. Put down that the heart is the temple wherein all truth resides.


Jerry: No offense, but I don't believe the Red Sea and I don't believe "six days to create the world".

God: You're right.

Jerry: I am?

God: Tell ya the honest truth, I thought about it for five days and did the whole job in one. I'm really best under pressure.

Jerry: One day to create the world?

God:And the sun; I hate to work in the dark.


Jerry: Is Jesus Christ the son of God?

God: Jesus was my son. Buddha was my son. Mohammed, Moses, you, the man who said there was no room at the inn, was my son.


Jerry: Will there be a judgement day for man?

God: Well, if they mean a doomsday, an end of the world thing, I'm certainly not going to get into that. But if you want my personal opinion, I wouldn't look forward to it. Be a lot of yelling and screaming, and I don't need that anymore than you do.


Jerry: What is the meaning of man's existence?

God: Life is like a glass of tea.....nah, nah... I better not go for laughs.

You know, Voltaire may have had me pegged right? He said I was a comedian who was playing to an audience that was afraid to laugh.

But seriously, put down that man and woman-persons, their existence means exactly and precisely not more, not one tiny bit less, just what they think it means and what I think doesn't count at all.

Jerry: That's very profound.

God: Sometimes I get lucky.


Jerry: Why have you chosen to appear at this time?

God: I wanna say to everyone that everything around them that they can see and smell and feel and hear, they should delight in all this, that what is here are some of my very best ideas. And I want everyone to try very hard to make sure it doesn't all go down the drain.

Why is it so hard for you to believe?

Is my physical existence any more improbable than your own?

I know how hard it is in these times to have faith. But maybe if you could have the faith to start with, maybe the times would change. You could change them. Think about it. Try. And try not to hurt hurt each other. There's been enough of that. It really gets in the way.

I'm a God of very few words - however hopeless, helpless, mixed up and scary it all gets, it can work. You find it hard to believe in me - maybe it would help you to know that I believe in you.

MOVIE: "OH, GOD!" (1977)
God (George Burns) comes to a supermarket manager (John Denver) and tells him to spread the word. Folks have a hard time believing and the manager must face a judge in order to vindicate himself. God shows up in the courtroom and lends a hand. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Adapted) Screenplay.

Sunday, June 29, 2003
They say "Don't do this, don't do that", i say "Do this, do that; so you will know why they said so..."

Sunday, June 08, 2003
First thing first...